Why was the red carpet laid for this country with a population of 1 lakh, what is China's plan?


China's name is also included in the list of the most powerful countries in the world. Many countries in the world want to build better relations with China. Many big and powerful countries have also sought China's support for business transactions and security equipment. There is one such country on the world map which is not even visible as a dot but China has spread the red carpet for it. The name of this country is Micronesia.



Micronesian President Wesley Simina is on a visit to China these days. He met Chinese President Xi Jinping. But the question is arising why is China rolling out the red carpet for a country with a population of one lakh? It is believed that in the name of investment, China is trying to make very small island countries like Micronesia its strategic destination.

After Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Solomon and Marshall Islands, Micronesia is also going to get trapped in the clutches of Chinese debt. Australia and New Zealand are already being surrounded by China from all sides in this manner. After which now Micronesia is being considered as the next victim of China in Indo-Pacific.

A big challenge seems to be emerging for India and America in the Indo-Pacific. According to political experts, China is using this trick to break the alliance of India-Pacific countries.

On tour to China from 5 to 12 April

Let us tell you that the President of the Federated States of Micronesia, Wesley Simina, is on a visit to China from 5 to 12 April. According to the official statement of China's Foreign Ministry, this is President Simina's first visit to China after assuming the presidency. Development and issues of common concern can be discussed in the meeting of the two leaders.


China also said that relations between the two countries have improved significantly in the last few years. Both countries have also worked together on development issues. It is believed that China wants to move forward on the path of development together with Micronesia. But, just as China has trapped other countries in its clutches, is Micronesia also going to become its victim?