Why is North Korea sending balloons to South Korea, filled with garbage inside


Some are sending garbage, some are sending dung… Why is there a war of balloons between South Korea and North Korea?

North Korea has started sending balloons filled with garbage back to South Korea. Earlier also, North Korea had flown balloons filled with garbage over South Korea. After this act of North Korea, South Korea has started warning about taking action against it.

North Korea is sending balloons filled with garbage

The conflict between North Korea and South Korea has taken a new turn, now both countries are responding to each other not with force and missiles but with balloons filled with garbage. Between Saturday night and Sunday morning, North Korea sent dozens of balloons filled with garbage to Seoul and its surrounding areas of South Korea.

Earlier this month, North Korea repeatedly sent hundreds of garbage balloons to South Korea. These balloons are filled with cigarette butts, pieces of cloth, plastic and other garbage. Despite the garbage in these balloons, the South Korean government has warned people to stay away from these balloons. These balloons were sent as a response to South Korea because, in late May, some South Korean activists started sending balloons across the border to protest against North Korea, which was filled with cow dung along with pamphlets against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Gave a befitting reply to South Korea

Angered by this action of South Korea, North Korea gave a befitting reply to South Korea by sending many more balloons filled with garbage than these balloons to South Korea at the beginning of June, after which South Korea was asked not to do so and said that it had sent around 15 tonnes of garbage to South Korea, but this was sent only to show how cheap this action of North Korea was, after this North Korea also said not to send such balloons, however, it was also said in the message that if pamphlets are sent from the South again, then it will start sending balloons again.

Prescriptions sent despite warnings

Despite North Korea's warning, South Korean activists sent more balloons towards North Korea filled with anti-Pyongyang propaganda, K-pop songs, and USB sticks with US dollar notes, after which North Korea sent garbage again. South Korean army has said that it is taking the balloons very seriously and will take strict action against them, although the army did not reveal any of its plans. South Korea has threatened North Korea and said that it will take intolerable steps for this move of North Korea, which also included propaganda against North Korea through loudspeakers.