Why is Israel silent even after Iran's attack? This could be the reason


Israel is once again in the headlines of the world. After the attack on Iran's Consulate in Syria, this country has taken a tough stance against Israel. 12 people including a top general were killed in this attack. Missile and drone attacks have been carried out on this country from Iran.

According to reports, Iran fired about 300 drones and missiles at Israel overnight. Iran had also warned that if you retaliate and attack again, it will also get a befitting reply.

Due to this step of Iran, Israel has not yet taken a very aggressive stance. The reason for this is also believed to be that America has actively refused to enter the war.

According to reports, in Israel's War Cabinet meeting on Sunday, most of the members agreed to take revenge on Iran. However, there was no clarity during the meeting regarding when and how revenge would be taken. Now it remains to be seen what action Israel takes in this matter. 

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