Why does Nawaz Sharif consider Imran Khan a big obstacle in Pakistan's politics?


On the efforts being made for dialogue between PTI and PML-N to get Pakistan out of the political crisis, Nawaz Sharif said that when one party is not committed to the dialogue, then how can they negotiate?

Pakistan is currently facing a political crisis. The recently formed Shahbaz government seems to be failing to bring stability to the country. For peace in the country, the Nawaz government has discussed several times talking to Imran Khan's party PTI. Now party chief Nawaz Sharif has given a big statement regarding this.

Nawaz Sharif says that Imran Khan is a big obstacle in the peace talks between PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz) and PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf). Nawaz Sharif said this during a meeting with the party's senators on Friday evening. In this meeting, the issue of talks with PTI was discussed in detail.

'Imran Khan does not want friendship'

Sources revealed that the MPs had asked Nawaz Sharif questions about the party's policy on talks with PTI. Responding, Nawaz Sharif stressed that Imran Khan himself does not seem serious about talks and this is a big challenge for meaningful talks. He said that when one party is not committed to talks, how can they negotiate?

Our honesty is considered our weakness: Sharif

Nawaz Sharif cited past incidents when Imran Khan had rejected his friendship proposals, which shows a pattern of unwillingness to engage in friendly talks. Nawaz Sharif expressed disappointment at the slowness shown by PTI for talks. He further said that PML-N's sincerity has been misinterpreted as weakness. The former prime minister stressed that I myself went to the Bani Gala, our sincerity is considered our weakness.

Benazir Bhutto remembered

Explaining the importance of dialogue despite political differences, Nawaz cited the example of his meeting with Benazir Bhutto. He recalled, 'Benazir Bhutto was a great leader who signed the charter of democracy despite strong opposition between the two.'