Which side is America on? Left Israel's support in the UN, now 'contributed' to the destruction of Gaza


America, which has been supporting Israel since the beginning of the Gaza war, had recently expressed concern over the lack of a ceasefire. America's changed stance has strained relations between the two countries. These days, America, which provides arms and financial aid to Israel, seems worried about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. But CNN's report has made a new revelation. According to the report, Biden, who opposed Israel's bombing, has made another deal with Israel. There is news that America will sell 50 US F-15 fighter jets to Israel.

This deal is expected to be worth more than 18 billion dollars. This will be the largest US military sale to Israel since the Gaza Strip war began on October 7, 2023.

Joe Biden's administration will soon inform Congress about this deal, after which this deal will get the green signal. According to CNN, the F-15 deal requires congressional notification. CNN also reported that the Biden administration informally informed the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations committees about the F-15 sale in late January. Let us tell you that Israel Army currently has 91 F-15 fighter planes.

America has been a big supporter of Israel since the beginning. But the humanitarian crisis that arose after the Israeli attacks in Gaza has put great pressure on the Biden administration. Many pro-Palestinian demonstrations have taken place inside America. After which America did not veto the proposal in the UN to stop the war. After which the relations between Israel and America deteriorated a bit. Now after the new deal, it remains to be seen whether America puts pressure on Israel in the next peace talks or not.