Which path will Netanyahu choose - distance from America or ouster from power?


Gaza War: Joe Biden's proposal has put Netanyahu in trouble. After this proposal, Netanyahu's office said in its statement, "There has been no change in Israel's condition for ending the war."

Joe Biden and Netanyahu

On Friday, US President Joe Biden said that he has presented a new Israeli proposal for an agreement with Hamas. According to him, this proposal will bring back all the hostages, ensure Israel's security, rebuild Gaza without Hamas, and prepare the platform for a settlement of the Palestine dispute. However, Netanyahu does not seem happy with this proposal.

After this proposal, Netanyahu's office said in its statement, "There is no change in Israel's condition for ending the war." Israel says that it will not end the Gaza war without the elimination of Hamas. But prolonging the Gaza war is isolating Israel from the international world. Every passing day, one country or the other is taking action against Israel.

Why is Netanyahu not ready for a ceasefire?

Many right-wing groups dominate Israeli politics. The leaders of these groups have appealed to the Israeli War Cabinet not to accept this agreement. If Netanyahu accepts this proposal, it may be difficult for him to remain in power.

Another problem has arisen for Netanyahu, Netanyahu had started the ground operation in Gaza with the vow to destroy Hamas. But even after 8 months, the Israeli army has failed to destroy Hamas nor has it been able to release the hostages.

The families of the hostages are continuously protesting on the streets of Tel Aviv for a ceasefire. It seems that both escalating and stopping the war could lead to Netanyahu losing power.

Why is America putting pressure on Israel?

If we look at history, America has supported Israel in every war and has defended it on international forums. But this time the Israeli massacre in Gaza has created anger among the students of American universities. This anger has given rise to nationwide pro-Palestinian protests in America.

After the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, pressure is mounting on Biden to stop the war within the country as well. There are presidential elections in the US in November and public anger against the Biden administration is increasing due to the protests. Experts believe that this is also why the Biden administration is trying to bring about a ceasefire.

Trouble for Netanyahu

If Netanyahu does not accept the ceasefire agreement offered by Biden, he may distance himself from America. Apart from this, prolonging the war will weaken Israel internationally. On the other hand, if PM Netanyahu accepts the agreement, he may be ousted from power. Because he has the support of right-wing groups.