Which is the country where Russia can launch a nuclear attack first?


Russia is becoming aggressive amid the war with Ukraine. He has warned of a nuclear attack. After Russia's warning, the concern of countries around the world has increased. NATO countries are Putin's target, it is clear that Putin is upset with the attitude of Ukraine and Nordic countries (Northern Europe and North Atlantic).

Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Zelensky

Russia has warned of nuclear attack amid war with Ukraine. After this, the concern of countries around the world has increased. Now the question is arising who can take such a destructive step? Two names are emerging in this. Vladimir Putin or US President Joe Biden. The preparation of both is such that if the option of a nuclear bomb comes in the war then devastation can be caused within minutes. America has already made preparations by building a nuclear base in Poland. That means, as soon as Russia launches the missile, America will make its nuclear base in Poland war-ready.

How dreadful Russia's intentions are has also been revealed in America's intelligence report. Former Pentagon official and former US Army Admiral Mike Hewitt has said that Putin is a threat to NATO and has made preparations for a nuclear attack. NATO countries are Putin's target, it is clear that Putin is upset with the attitude of Ukraine and Nordic countries (Northern Europe and North Atlantic). But what was revealed in the report is shocking.

Putin is going to increase Russia's expansion towards the Baltic. Once this is done, then preparations will be made to attack Sweden and Finland which are joining NATO. The Pentagon report says that Putin held a secret meeting in the Kremlin, after which he threatened NATO with a nuclear attack. According to former Admiral Mike Hewitt, Ukraine can be surrendered this month itself, so that Putin can strengthen his position in Europe and this can happen in the next 7 days because within 7 days Ukraine will get the first consignment from America. , after which Ukraine will proceed with Counter Offensive 2.0. Maybe he might attack Crimea and capture it.

America has sent soldiers and some officers to Ukraine before arms. It is being told that a plan is being made to occupy Crimea by staying in Western Ukraine. By giving a package of 61 billion dollars, America has made it clear that it is serious on the Ukraine front. He will not at any cost allow Ukraine to become the gateway to Putin's conquest of Europe. According to ISW i.e. Institute for Study of War, if American soldiers start attacks before getting weapons, then Russia will get a chance to attack NATO countries, hence American army is silent only until weapons reach Ukraine. The West Bank has been chosen. The Baltic countries and Poland can also be protected from there because these four countries are Russia's next target after Ukraine.

Russia can launch a nuclear attack on this country first

The country where Russia can launch a nuclear attack first is Poland. Poland's Arctic base Kola is 1980 kilometers away from Russia. After this, the missile can be fired from the Kola Atomic Base at the Baltic country Lithuania, 1526 kilometers away. Then a nuclear attack on Latvia, 1333 kilometers away, can also be carried out from the Kola base.

After this is Estonia which is 1152 kilometers away from the Arctic. Similarly, nuclear weapons deployed in Belarus can also be attacked, in which 731 kilometers of Poland can be attacked. Similarly, Lithuania, 203 kilometers away, is the target of Belarus's nuclear base, while Latvia, 385 kilometers away, is also under nuclear attack. Belarus can also launch a nuclear missile at a distance of 591 kilometers away and create havoc in Estonia.

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