When Palestine received a 'gift', the happiness of these Muslim countries knew no bounds.


Palestine State: The number of countries recognizing Palestine has increased to 147. Recently Norway, Spain, and Ireland have announced recognition of Palestine. The Arab League has welcomed this step of the three countries.

Arab League welcomed the steps of Norway, Spain, and Ireland.

The Prime Ministers of Norway, Spain, and Ireland announced on Wednesday that they will officially grant Palestine the status of an independent nation on May 28. This step of the three countries has greatly angered Israel. His step is being praised in the Palestinian camp. The Arab League has welcomed Spain, Ireland, and Norway's official announcement of recognition of the State of Palestine. There are a total of 20 countries in the Arab League, which also includes Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the “important step reflects a genuine commitment to the two-state solution and the sincere desire of these countries to defend it against those who seek to undermine or dismantle it.”

147 countries recognized Palestine

After 1988, 139 out of 193 UN member countries have already recognized Palestine. Abul Gheit spokesman Gamal Roshdi said, “This step follows the recent recognition of Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Bahamas. After this, the total number of countries recognizing the Palestinian state has increased to approximately 147, which shows an overwhelming global consensus. Roshdi also said that such recognition shows that the solution to Middle East peace at the global level is a two-nation agreement. This step will prove to be a milestone in the direction of realizing a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

Israel got angry

After this announcement by Norway and Ireland, Israel's Foreign Minister Katz has ordered the Israeli ambassadors from Ireland and Norway to immediately return to Israel. He threatened Spain and said that if Spain recognized Palestine, he would recall the Israeli ambassador from there too. At the same time, Katz has described this step as ending peace talks and promoting terrorism.