When Israel imposed guards on the Rafah border, this new way was found to help Gaza.


Israel Rafa attack: Two months ago, US President Joe Biden ordered to building of a temporary port in Gaza. After Israel's Rafah attack, all avenues of humanitarian aid were closed. Now this American port is being used to provide necessary help to Gaza.

Israel has also captured the Rafah crossing, the only route for humanitarian aid to Gaza. After which it has become almost impossible to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza. Life has become more difficult for the Palestinians, who are already facing the brunt of the terrible war, after the Rafah attack. But a way has emerged.

Two months ago, US President Joe Biden had ordered the construction of a temporary port in Gaza. The purpose of this port was said to be to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza by sea route. Now that other routes of humanitarian aid have been closed, the first ship for this port has left from a port in Cyprus. However, some Palestinian-backed people initially opposed this port. But now this temporary port is being used for help in Gaza.

Help sent from a European country

Cyprus Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos said that an American ship filled with much-needed aid for Gaza has departed from the country's Larnaca port. Let us tell you that a large floating platform has been built by America several miles away from the Gaza coast, this ship will also reach this platform with humanitarian aid.

UN expressed concern

The United Nations has said that people in Gaza are on the verge of famine and Israeli troops have ordered the evacuation of 100,000 Palestinians from Rafah, the southern city of Gaza. UN said that the people of Gaza are in dire need of relief, and the international community should put pressure on Israel to establish a ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible.

Israeli army entered Rafa

Earlier this week, Israel attacked Rafah by sending tanks to capture the Rafah crossing bordering Egypt. After which people have started running away from Rafa. Apart from this, aid vehicles going through Rafah crossing have also stopped going to Gaza.