What kind of policy does America have on Israel? It confused the world with its double tactics!


After Israel's attack in Rafah, US President Joe Biden had warned that he would stop arms aid to Israel. After this, the State Department had also prepared a report on the military aid to be given to Israel. A State Department report Friday criticized Israel's use of US weapons in the Gaza war in violation of humanitarian law but said the department did not find enough evidence to stop the shipment.

After which the arms aid to Israel will not be stopped. The report said that it is appropriate to assess that Israel has broken international humanitarian law, but we have not been able to reach any conclusive decision regarding the arms embargo.

The report about the arms shipment was held up for several days due to debate within the State Department. Because President Joe Biden had threatened to stop military aid to Israel if it violated human rights and international laws in Gaza.

The State Department report says that Israel has violated international law in Gaza. The report also found that Israeli forces had the knowledge, experience and equipment to minimize losses, but there were still widespread civilian casualties in Gaza. Which suggests that the IDF is not using them effectively. But considering the situation, the supply of weapons cannot be stopped.

Given the nature of the Gaza conflict, Hamas fighters hiding behind civilian populations and infrastructure and Israel's pursuit of them through military action, as well as the lack of USG personnel on the ground in Gaza, make decisions about withholding aid difficult.