War shook Israel's sports world, gymnastics championship will not be held in Tel Aviv


Due to the prolonged Gaza war, Israel is facing losses on many fronts. Israel has been disgraced throughout the world due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza after the attack. Since the beginning of the war, many human rights organizations have urged people to boycott companies linked to Israel. Apart from this, many countries have also ended diplomatic relations with Israel. Now Israel has suffered another blow due to this war, the European Gymnastics Championship to be held in Israel's city of Tel Aviv has been canceled due to the Gaza War.

The body that runs European gymnastics has announced that given Israel's current situation, this year's European Gymnastics Championships, which Israel was supposed to host, will not take place. He further said that he would invite bids again for organizing the championship.

After Israel snatches the hosting rights, bids (BID) will be invited for the next month to host the gymnastics championship. After which the governing body will decide when and where the European Gymnastics Championships will be organised.

Israel will get further opportunity

The governing body also said in its statement that we respect the efforts made by the Israeli Gymnastics Federation, Israel has hosted several European Championships in the last eight years. Further in this statement, it was also told that Israel can bid for the next editions of the championship.

huge damage caused by rust

Israel's army is already fighting Hamas with the help of America and Western countries. This war is having a very bad effect on Israel's economy. People are boycotting Israeli products all over the world. In some Middle East countries, the stores of companies supporting Israel have even been locked.