Video: Two helicopters collide in Malaysia, 10 dead, watch video


The Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) said that two helicopters of the Malaysian Navy collided during military rehearsal for the naval parade. In which 10 people died.

A video is going viral from Malaysia today i.e. on 23rd April. It is seen in the video that two planes collided with each other and crashed. Actually, during the military rehearsal for the Royal Malaysian Navy Parade, two helicopters of the Malaysian Navy collided in the air.

10 people died when helicopters collided in the air. The Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) said in a statement that the incident occurred at about 9:30 am (local time) on Tuesday during a fly-over exercise at the TLDM Stadium in Lumut, Perak.

Two planes crashed

Giving information after the accident, TLDM said “All the victims were confirmed dead on the spot and the people were sent to TLDM Military Hospital to identify them. “A video of a helicopter collision in Malaysia is going viral on social media, in which one helicopter collides with the rear of another helicopter in mid-air and both are immediately falling to the ground. According to Malaysian media reports, there was a collision between a Fennec M502-6 and a HOM M503-3.

Where did the planes crash?

According to another report, the Fenech helicopter had a crew of three. Whereas a seven-member crew was present in the second helicopter. The Fennec helicopter crashed into the swimming pool at the sports complex, while the second helicopter crashed on the steps of the TLDM stadium. TLDM further said that an investigation body will be formed to find out the reason behind the sudden crash of the planes during the rehearsal.

According to initial reports, both aircraft took off from Padang Sitiawan around 9:03 am (local time) before they collided, with the AW139 crashing on the steps of the Lumut base's stadium, while the AW139 fell into the sports swimming pool of the Fenech base.