Video: London tube station man with sword arrested after attack in Hainault attack on public and two police officers


In London, police have arrested a person carrying a sword. Before his arrest, the man had attacked many people. Two police officers were also injured in the attack. The incident took place at a tube station in East London.

Sword attack near London tube station

A man attacked several people with a sword in London. Many people including two police officers have been injured in the attack. Police have arrested a 36-year-old man from the spot in the case and he is in custody. The man brandished a sword and attacked people and two police officers in the Hainault community of East London on Tuesday. Earlier he had rammed his car into a house. This incident took place at a tube station in East London.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that the incident is not being treated as terrorism-related. Also said that five people injured in the attack were sent to the hospital for treatment. However, it is not yet known how many people are injured at present. The Metropolitan Police said they were alerted to the incident shortly before 7 am today. As soon as information about the attack was received, the police reached the spot along with the rescue team and several ambulances.

Regular updates

British Home Secretary James Cleverley said he was being updated "regularly" on the incident. “I am being regularly updated about the incident that happened at Hainault station this morning,” he wrote on Twitter. My thoughts are with those who have been affected. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “absolutely devastated” to hear about the incident.

Told to stay away from rumors

Mayor Sadiq Khan said that police offices and emergency services are performing very well. I thank him wholeheartedly. He said that I would urge people not to speculate and avoid posting footage on social media until the incident is confirmed by the police. Transport for London posted on Twitter that Hainault tube station has been closed due to a police investigation in the area.