Vedio: Rain created havoc in Saudi Arabia, with a shocking scene seen in the holiest city, danger remains


Many Saudi cities have been submerged in torrential rains that lasted 24 hours. A warning has been issued that such a situation will continue in the future. The most affected areas in this rain are Al-Ula and Al-Madina. The holiest place of Muslims is Masjid-e-Nabavi in Al-Madinah, the video of which is going viral. In this video, the inside of the mosque is seen filled with water due to heavy rain. Movement is prohibited at many places in the states and along with this, schools have also been closed.

Heavy rain in Saudi Arabia

Torrential rains in Saudi Arabia for the last 24 hours have caused devastation across the country. A similar scene was seen in Dubai some time ago. Due to this rain in Saudi, the maximum impact has been seen in Al-Ula and Al-Madinah provinces. A high alert has also been issued by the Meteorological Department, and along with this schools have been closed across the country. Many roads in the states have been submerged due to which people are facing a lot of problems.

Due to heavy rains and storms in Saudi Arabia since April 30, there has been a flood situation in many provinces. The affected provinces include Al-Ula and Al-Madinah. Many videos from social media platforms Saudi are going viral in which roads are filled with water, traffic is disrupted, vehicles are stuck in the water, and other scenes are seen. The Saudi National Meteorological Center has issued a warning for Medina, predicting more rain along with storms and high-speed winds.

Appeal to people to be cautious

Al-Ula and Al-Medina are home to Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Islam's holiest site. A video of Masjid-e-Nabavi has surfaced in which heavy rain can be seen inside the mosque. Earlier in the year 2022, such devastation was seen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in which 2 people died. The Civil Defense Directorate has appealed to the people to be cautious and leave their homes only when necessary. Due to waterlogging on the roads, traffic has been completely stopped on many roads in the state. Heavy rainfall occurred mainly in Al-Eis Governorate in the Medina area, which washed away many rocks and valleys.

The Meteorological Department issued a red alert

Due to the powerful torrential rains, there has been a lot of damage to the infrastructure. Vehicles are stuck on submerged roads. A video of Masjid-e-Nabavi has surfaced, in which some people are seen enjoying the heavy rain while some people are seen praying and praying in this rain. Saudi Arabia's National Meteorological Center issued a warning in Mecca province, stating that rain and storms are expected to increase. The Meteorological Center has issued a red alert due to this rain in Madina. Considering the situation in the states, people have been advised not to enter some areas.