Vedio: Did whatever nature gave become a punishment for Rafa? Why does Israel want to destroy this city?


Israel Rafah Invasion: Ignoring warnings from Arab countries to America, Israel has started attacking Rafah. The Rafah crossing is the only way to connect Gaza citizens to the outside world.

Gaza map

Despite all the warnings from around the world, Israel has attacked Rafah. Israel had revealed to the world its intention to invade Gaza in February itself. Since then, pressure was being put on Israel from all over the world not to attack Rafa. Let us tell you that before the war, the population of Rafa was about 2 lakhs and today 14 lakh people are taking shelter here. In such a densely populated area, any major military action can cause a huge loss of lives for civilians.

Ignoring all these things, Israel has started its operation. Seen from Israel's perspective, it was very important to capture Rafah to weaken Hamas. Israel says that Hamas fighters are hiding in Rafa and Rafa is the only way for Hamas to deliver money, and weapons and for the fighters to leave Rafa.

The attack started after accepting the ceasefire proposal

Israel on Monday issued an order to Palestinians to vacate Rafah. Shortly after which Hamas agreed to a ceasefire. But Israel did not agree to the conditions put forward by Hamas and on Tuesday the IDF attacked the Rafah border with its tanks.

Why is it necessary for Israel to capture Rafah?

Rafa is situated in South Gaza, on the border with Egypt. In terms of its location, Gaza is surrounded by Israel on two sides, the sea on one side and Egypt on the other. There are three ways to enter Gaza by land. Kerem Shalom Crossing, Beit Henon Crossing, and Rafah Crossing. The first two crossings are on the Israeli border and the third on the Egyptian border. However, permission from the Israeli Army is also required to travel to and from Rafah. Despite this, Rafah is the only gate that connects Gaza to the other world. During the war, most of the humanitarian aid also reached Gaza through this crossing. Let us tell you that Gaza's Mediterranean Sea border and the sky area are also under the control of Israel.


Rafa Crossing

After the Rafah siege, Israel wants to isolate Hamas from the world and surround it in Gaza so that no supplies can reach it and they are forced to lay down their arms. According to the IDF, Israeli hostages have also been kept in Rafah, but some people have expressed concern that this Israeli operation could take the lives of the hostages in Rafah.

There is no other option except waiting for death.

Gazans were asked to move from North and Central Gaza to Rafah. People taking refuge in Rafa have lost their homes and have come to Rafa just to save their lives. Now the IDF has asked Palestinians to move towards Khan Younis, but the situation is not good there either. According to WCK and UNWRA, any attack on Rafah, which is already suffering from a shortage of basic facilities and food, will affect humanitarian aid throughout Gaza.

Let us tell you that a temporary port has already been built by the US Army on the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Gaza. This port can be used to deliver aid to Gaza and to evacuate civilians from Gaza.