US's credibility got discounted in Afghanistan, a big setback for Quad countries, know - India's concern

US's credibility got discounted in Afghanistan, a big setback for Quad countries, know - India's concern

The world is watching the sudden withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan with astonishment. In such a situation, questions are being raised whether this move of the American Biden administration has led to a decline in the credibility of America's superpower. This question becomes more important when China has directly challenged the US in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The US has taken this step at a time when it has been very serious about the quad group against China. Experts have also started questioning the future of the quad group of the US, India, Japan, and Australia. He does not see this move of America from a positive perspective. Especially when the Quad group is seen as a group of countries united against China.

America's reputation was tarnished, a big challenge for India

  • Pro. Harsh Pant says that it is obvious that the way US military withdrawal took place in Afghanistan and the Taliban took control of Afghan power, America's credibility has been dented. He said that there is no doubt that due to this whole matter, America's credibility has also been reduced in the eyes of India. He said that the way America left Afghanistan for the sake of its national interests without worrying about the friendly countries, India has suffered the most. India had close ties with the democratic government of Afghanistan. India had invested heavily in Afghanistan. So this is a big blow to India. Prof Pant said that there is no doubt that America's Afghanistan policy has put India's security at stake.
  • The loss of a democratic government in Afghanistan is a big setback for the Narendra Modi government. Especially when India has invested three billion dollars in Afghanistan. A big challenge has now arisen before India. In the solution of this challenge, America has done away with it without saying anything. Pro. Pant also considers the Biden administration responsible to an extent for this crisis in India. India has supported America well in Afghanistan, but it stands alone in times of crisis. Now he has to deal with these challenges himself
  • He said the US withdrawal has had far-reaching consequences. This incident has given rise to a new diplomatic equation in the international world. The biggest challenge in this has stood before India. Especially when the dominance of China and Pakistan has increased in Afghanistan and the dominance of America has decreased. In the case of Afghanistan, India's eyes are now on Russia and Iran. If this happens, it will be a new diplomatic challenge for India in Afghanistan. Especially when Iran and Russia are strong rivals of America. India may have to take the help of Iran and Russia to pursue its interests in Afghanistan.
  • He said that India was further shocked when the US did not give India a diplomatic outpost at Kabul airport despite its request. This is the reason why India was forced to withdraw completely from Afghanistan. The US took this step after it has been saying in international forums that India is its deepest friend and strategist friend in the world. Despite not getting American cooperation, India kept its ties with the US and kept silent.

Big blow for Quad Group

America's Afghanistan policy has also raised questions about the responsibilities towards the Quad countries. Especially when the formation of the Quad group is being seen as a group of countries united against China. America, India, Japan, and Australia are the member countries in this group. After the US strategy in Afghanistan, questions are being raised about the security of the Quad countries. The Quad Group gives the United States a better opportunity to work on the ground with friendly Asian countries. However, the lack of effort will force the Asian powers to recognize that the US remains indifferent to their interests. This is a big setback for the members of the Quad Group. He said that what has happened in Afghanistan raises the question of how much America can stand with its allies.