US Presidential Poll 2024: Donald Trump convicted in 34 cases, can he still contest the presidential election?


US Presidential Poll 2024: Former US President Donald Trump has been convicted in 34 cases. The sentence is yet to be announced. After being convicted, questions are being raised about his contesting and campaigning.

Former President Donald Trump has been convicted by a US court in 34 cases. He has become the first former president in US history to be convicted in a criminal case. From the beginning of the case, Donald Trump has been calling himself innocent and after being convicted, he has described it as part of a conspiracy against him.

Elections are to be held in the US in November and Donald Trump is the presidential candidate from the Republican Party. In such a situation, questions have also started arising whether Trump can contest elections even after being convicted, how many years can he be sentenced and if Trump is jailed, what will be the effect on the election campaign?

When will the sentence be pronounced?

Trump has been convicted by the court, but his sentence has not been announced yet. The announcement of the sentence is to be made on July 11. According to the law, he can be sentenced to a maximum of four years. The announcement of the sentence will be made just before the Republican Party convention.

The official announcement of Trump's candidature is to be made at the convention to be held on July 15. The effect of his sentence will have a direct impact on the elections to be held on November 5. However, other people convicted of this crime often get less punishment and have to pay a fine.

Can Trump contest the election?

According to US law, Donald Trump can contest the election even after being convicted. Immediately after the verdict, Trump's campaign team issued an appeal to raise funds, titled I am a political prisoner. Trump also said that he will hold a conference with journalists on Friday morning.

According to the US Constitution, Trump can contest the presidential election. The constitution has a condition for a presidential candidate to be 35 years of age and a natural-born American citizen. That is, Trump can contest the election even from jail. Yes, there is a fear that Trump may be killed in jail because the Secret Service will not be there to protect him.

In which cases was he convicted?

There were 34 cases registered against Donald Trump which include cases like conspiracy to manipulate the election results, sexual encounters, and bribery.