US Presidential Election: Why is the debate between Biden and Trump special after 4 years?


The campaign for the presidential election to be held in November this year in the US is in full swing. Meanwhile, the first official presidential debate will be held on Thursday, July 27. This debate will be between the current US President Joe Biden and his Republican rival in the election, Donald Trump. Both will face each other once again after 2020.

There will be a debate between Biden and Trump

It has been three decades since then. It was the year 1991. The Cold War ended with the fall of the Soviet Union. And then America emerged as the only superpower in the world. America's domestic politics was also changing at this time. The next year there was a presidential election in the country. Before the voting, there has been a tradition in America to have a presidential debate. In this debate, the presidential candidates debate on important issues from the point of view of America's interests.

Its importance can be gauged from the presidential debate held in October 1992. The then US President George W. Bush was pitted against Bill Clinton as the Democratic candidate and Ross Perot as the independent candidate. When the debate began in front of a crowd of lakhs of people, it was a sight to behold. Everyone started putting forth their views, meanwhile a person standing in the audience gallery asked George Bush a question which he probably did not expect. Or even if he did, he was probably not prepared to answer it at that time.

The question was related to the economic recession. Bush was seen looking at his watch during the question being asked and answered. Some people say that he might not have heard the question properly. But those who had to form an opinion had already formed one. Bush's looking at the hands of his watch for a few moments in the middle of the debate ruined his time for the next four years. The next morning, newspapers described it as Bush's boredom. The newspapers said that it seemed as if he was very bored with the debate and was looking at his watch.

The result was that the mood regarding Bush changed overnight. America was already facing difficulties on the front of war and recession, Bush was on the backfoot due to this, just this one frame of the presidential debate ruined all the efforts to improve his image. The wrong message went to the people. He lost the election. This is the power of presidential debate in America. If you gain a lead in the debate, then it becomes almost impossible to defeat you in the election.

We are digging into the old pages of history because today, on 27 June, the famous presidential debate is going to be held before the presidential election in America. The current President of America Joe Biden and his rival Donald Trump are face to face today. Both are trying all the tricks to defeat each other for the second time after 2020. Voting for the presidential post is to be held in America at the end of this year, around November.

Even though Trump and Biden are face to face after 4 years, this presidential debate is different in many ways. Today will be the first time when a current president will debate with former President Trump. Biden is representing the Democratic Party while Trump is representing the Republicans. That too when both the parties have not yet declared these leaders as presidential candidates. There are reports that Trump will get the symbol from the party in July and Biden in August.

This is the first time the debate is taking place so soon

CNN will host the debate between the two on June 27 in its Atlanta studios. The second debate will be hosted by ABC News on September 10.

This is the first time in American history since 1960 that the debate is being held so early. The debate is usually held when both major parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, officially announce the names of their candidates. After this, the debate is organized in late September and early October.

But this time Biden's team wants to hold the debate much before the voting starts. The logic is that by doing this, voters will get enough time to evaluate the candidates and the candidates, on the other hand, will be able to focus more on their election campaigns.

-This time, the commission that has been organising the presidential debate in every election since 1988 has not been given this responsibility. Because both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have objected to its way of organising the debate.

The name of the commission is Commission on Presidential Debates which was formed in 1987. The commission was created as a private, non-profit, non-partisan corporation. Its purpose was to organize, manage, promote and support debates for the US presidential candidates. Previously, the League of Women Voters organized the 1976, 1980 and 1984 presidential debates.

Why is the Trump-Biden debate special?

Historians say that presidential debates matter the most when there is no clear candidate in the elections. In this, the role of those voters who are neither staunch supporters nor critics of any party (silent voters) becomes more important. They decide at the last moment who will get their vote.

Polling data from FiveThirtyEight shows that Trump leads Biden by about one point nationally, and other surveys suggest that silent voters are around 10%. These debates are very important because this election will likely be decided by just one or two percentage points.

But this is not the only reason why the Biden-Trump presidential debate is important.

What are the challenges for Biden-Trump?

The old age of Joe Biden and Donald Trump has become a major election issue. Especially for Biden, who is 81 years old and has been surrounded by questions about his stamina and mental fitness ever since he assumed office. Many such videos have gone viral on social media in which Biden's gestures indicate that the criticisms being made about his age are not without reason.

The 90-minute debate will be a litmus test for Joe Biden. Biden's aim will be to show the American people that he can easily handle pressure situations, his advancing age is not his weakness and he can put forth all his points in a very calm manner. If there is even a slight mistake or faltering body language in a 90-minute speech, the audience will definitely notice it.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is also surrounded by many lawsuits. Last month, Trump was convicted on all 34 charges. He was accused of preparing false business records to hide the money given to a porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut. This is the first time that a former US President has been convicted in a criminal case.

Last week, Biden's campaign launched a series of ads directly attacking Trump's conviction in the hush money case. Recent polls indicate that the guilty verdict has caused Donald Trump to lose support among independent voters, who could prove to be decisive in this election.

What are the terms of the debate?

- Those who remember the first debate between Biden and Trump four years ago will know that there was a lot of verbal abuse and shouting. But this time many rules have been made in such a way that there will be no audience for noise and laughter. The microphone of the candidate will be on only when it is his turn to speak, the rest of the time it will be muted.

It was Biden who had demanded that the audience not be included in the debate. He argued that if the audience participates in the debate, they will hoot in support of Trump and can derail the debate.

-A coin toss was held to decide who will stand where during this debate. Biden won the toss and as per the rules, he got the screen facing the audience which will be on the right side. Trump will stand on the left side.

-The debate will start at 9 pm US time and there will be two ad breaks. The debate will last for 90 minutes and when the candidates are not talking, their microphones will be muted. This condition was also demanded by Team Biden.

-The last speech during the debate is Donald Trump's and this decision is also taken by tossing a coin. Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will be the moderators of the debate.

On which issues can there be debate?

There will be a lot of taunting on each other in the debate. Issues like economy, inflation and immigration are expected to dominate the event. Along with this, foreign policy on China, Ukraine and Israel's war in Gaza can also be a part of the debate.

Border security and immigration are two topics on which Trump has attacked the president. Abortion rights is an issue that has energized Democrats since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was convicted of buying and owning a gun while he was addicted to crack cocaine. Trump will surely try to capitalize on this.

For more than a year, Biden has been trying to convince the American public that the economy is much better than they thought. Biden will get a chance to present this point again in front of millions of viewers, but it is not that easy. Trump will undoubtedly try to corner Biden on rising prices.