US North Korea Tension Update: North Korea is constantly threatening South Korea at the instigation of China!


US-South Korea Military Drill: Amidst the ongoing tension between the US and North Korea, both countries keep demonstrating their strength from time to time. To send a message to North Korea, the US flew its B-1B bombers in the skies of South Korea after 7 years. Fighter jets of the South Korean Air Force were also involved in this drill. Both countries are conducting joint exercises with fighter planes these days. 


Joint military exercises with South Korea

South Korea's Defense Ministry said in a statement that the US B-1B bomber aircraft conducted maneuvers while being under the security cover of South Korean aircraft. During this, 'Joint Direct Attack Munitions' (JDAM) i.e. dangerous bombs were dropped. This is the first time since 2017 that the two countries have conducted such a joint drill. 

The JDAM bombs dropped by the US B-1B bomber include 'bunker-busters'. The JDAM is a guidance system that transforms unguided, conventional bombs into more accurate, GPS-guided weapons for precision strikes. All US fighter jets, bombers, and drones can use JDAM.

Show of strength against North Korea

America has been providing this dangerous weapon system to help Ukraine in its war against Russia. This exercise of the two countries is being seen as a show of strength in response to the recent missile tests conducted by North Korea. Along with this, North Korea had recently flown balloons carrying garbage over South Korea, after which tensions have increased between the two countries. 

According to the report, a US B-1B bomber is already deployed at a military base in South Korea. This year, the US has also deployed a second such aircraft on the Korean peninsula. During this drill, the bomber dropped bombs on designated areas. This was the first such bombing exercise for an American bomber since 2017.

The game of checkmate is going on between the two countries

Let us tell you that North Korea sent its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit in November last year to deal with the growing military threats led by the US. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in the meeting that the country would launch three additional military spy satellites in 2024. After this, recently North Korea launched a rocket in an attempt to put a second spy satellite into orbit in violation of UN resolutions, but it exploded shortly after launch. 

North Korea tested nuclear-capable weapons to attack South Korea. It also claimed that it jammed GPS navigation signals in South Korea. These actions prompted the US to take strict action. Now, together with the South Korean Air Force, it is sending a big message to North Korea through joint military exercises that if it makes any mistake, it will have to pay for it.