US intelligence officer robbed, incident happened on the day of President Joe Biden's visit


An officer of the US intelligence service has been robbed. This incident happened in California. He was returning from his work late at night when some criminals carried out the robbery. The interesting thing is that the day all this happened, the US President was also on a tour in the same area.

The US security system, their intelligence input is considered to be the best in the whole world. But when the news comes that one of its intelligence officers was robbed at gunpoint, anyone can be surprised. This officer was part of the US Secret Service. Secret Service agents are appointed for the security of the President. Apart from this, they are also appointed for the security of many people. These include former presidents, their spouses and children as well as other dignitaries.

This incident happened last week during President Joe Biden's visit to California. President Joe Biden had gone to Los Angeles to raise funds for his election campaign. His visit was after the meeting of G7 member countries in Italy. It is not yet clear whether the intelligence officer who was robbed by the criminals was part of President Joe Biden's tour or not. The Secret Service has also not told for what work the agent was present there that day.

How did the whole incident happen?

This whole incident happened in Orange County, Los Angeles. The attack was carried out at 9:36 pm local time in the Tustin Fields area here. The American agent was returning from his work on Saturday night. That's when the robbery was carried out. When the agent encountered the robbers, he also fired a shot from his service weapon. But whether it hit the attackers or not, the information has not been given to the media.

It is a matter of relief for the American Secret Service that their agent has not been injured in this robbery. So far the suspects of this attack have not been identified. According to the information so far, a 2004-2006 Silver Infinity FX35 or a similar vehicle has been seen leaving the crime scene. The local police of the area has informed that some belongings of the US intelligence service agent have been recovered and the investigation is ongoing.

As far as Joe Biden's convoy is concerned, it returned to the hotel at 8:53 pm local time. There has been no report of any untoward incident with his convoy.