US Election: Who will win the election between Trump and Biden? The debate indicates a lot


US Presidential election 2024: There has been a heated debate on many important issues between President Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump in the first presidential debate of 2024. Trump has been declared the winner in the post-debate poll. In this article, we tell you why this debate is important in terms of the presidential election.

donald trump and joe biden

The first presidential debate has taken place between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for the US presidential election. This debate before the election plays a big role in deciding the victory or defeat of the candidate. Through these debates, the US presidential candidates try to present themselves as a strong leader in front of the public. Trump and Biden came face to face for the first time in the presidential debate held at CNN's headquarters on Thursday night. Earlier, both have been accusing each other during their election campaigns.

In this debate, Trump appeared to dominate Biden. Biden was seen struggling to present his point. After which a different kind of enthusiasm is being seen among Trump supporters and they have already started considering Trump's victory as certain. This debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic President Joe Biden was surrounded by inflation, abortion, foreign policy as well as personal attacks on each other.

Who won the debate?

As you know, winning the debate for the US presidential election is considered the first step to winning the election. History has also seen that the candidates who are ahead in the presidential debate are often trusted by the public in the election as well. According to the CNN poll released after the debate, 67 percent of the viewers believed that Trump would win, while 33 percent expressed the possibility of Joe Biden winning. If we talk about the 2020 debate, in the CNN poll, 53 percent of the viewers claimed Biden's victory, while only 39 percent trusted Trump.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden during their presidency

According to CNN, after the debate, viewers said they did not trust Biden's ability to lead the country. In a poll conducted before the debate, 55 percent of voters expected Trump to perform better than Biden.

Biden is not eligible for office!

The American newspaper New York Times also wrote that Donald Trump has emerged as the winner of the first presidential debate. According to the Times, columnist Josh Barro said, Joe Biden failed to show the public that he is still eligible for the presidency. Especially in the first 20 minutes of the debate, he appeared mumbling, sometimes incoherent, and very old. On the other hand, Trump appeared more enthusiastic and strong, which is enough for victory.

What are the rules of debate?

This time the debate was hosted by two CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. They are also called mediators. During the debate, both the candidates accuse each other and respond to the allegations. Both get one minute each for allegations and counter-allegations and answers. Whereas, two minutes are given to answer questions asked by the anchors on important issues.

After the debate, victory or defeat is decided on four major parameters. These four parameters include the opinion of the media and experts, the results of opinion polls, the attitude of social media and voting intention surveys.