Ukraine-Russia war: Putin will instigate war as soon as he takes oath, NATO in tension due to nuclear threat… Will Jinping save his life?


Vladimir Putin has once again put the world in tension. According to reports, Putin has ordered his army to conduct nuclear drills. After this threat from Russia, the EU has sought help from China.

Even after the Russia-Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin has assumed the post of President of Russia for the fifth time by securing 87 percent votes. Today is his oath day, and just before the oath, Putin has made a scary announcement to the world and it is believed that as soon as he takes the oath, Putin will execute his dreadful plan. According to TASS News, Russia will drill its tactical nuclear weapons amid the war. Tactile (small) nuclear weapons will be included in this drill, which instead of causing any major destruction, target selected targets of the enemy. The Kremlin's statement said that Russian President Putin had ordered this drill to the army. This development is taking place in Russia at a time when Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a tour of Europe.

This decision of Russia has come amidst indications of direct involvement of NATO and French troops in the war. Recently America has passed a resolution to help Ukraine. At the same time, NATO and the European Union are providing military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine to help in the war. Which Russia has warned many times. Meanwhile, Russia has now threatened Western countries with its nuclear drill.

What are Tactical Nuclear Weapons?

Tactical nuclear weapons are a type of special nuclear weapons. These are less destructive than normal ones. They are used on the battlefield or for limited attacks. According to BBC, a Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson has rejected this announcement and called it 'nuclear blackmail'.

The world is afraid of Russia's threat

As soon as the TASS report came out, the European Union and Western organizations expressed concern over this drill by Russia. NATO spokesperson Farah Dakhallah called it 'dangerous and irresponsible' and said that NATO is alert to the entire situation.

Hope for peace from China

President Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Paris on Monday. After which European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that she hopes President Xi will help reduce Russia's 'irresponsible' nuclear threats. Let us tell you that China has good relations with Russia and China can play an important role in preventing the spread of the Ukraine-Russia crisis.