Ukraine Faces Putin's Wrath: Russia Conducts Nuclear Drill at Border, Shocking Images Emerge


Russia-Ukraine Tension: The Russian Defense Ministry has released a video giving information about its nuclear drill. The ministry says that this drill has been done for the security of Russia and given the threats Russia is receiving from Western countries.

The tactical weapon was loaded in a special truck and brought

Russia started nuclear drills on Tuesday in the war zone amid the ongoing war with Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry has also released a video of the first phase of the nuclear drill. The special thing is that this nuclear drill of Russia has been done in those areas near the border of Ukraine, which Russia has merged into itself after the war. This nuclear drill of Russia was ordered by Putin just a day before taking oath for the fifth time. Under this nuclear drill, the Russian Army loaded the non-strategic nuclear weapon i.e. tactical weapon in a special truck and took it to the launching place.

Russia's nuclear weapons can be seen in the video of the Russian Defense Ministry. The atomic weapon was removed from the military truck and taken to a fighter jet capable of carrying nuclear weapons. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has not clarified whether test firing of nuclear weapons has also been done as part of the nuclear drill or not.

The important thing about nuclear drill

As part of the Russian nuclear drill, the missile unit of the Southern Military District of the Russian Army received the tactical weapon. The Southern Military District plays an important role in the war with Ukraine and its headquarters is in Rostov near the Ukraine border. The tactical weapon i.e. the special nuclear weapon was taken to the secret place where the Iskander missile system and its launcher were present. Russian Air Force was also present in this drill. Tactical weapons and Kinjal air ballistic hypersonic missiles were loaded into the Russian fighter jet. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a fighter jet also flew with it. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has not yet released any video of the fighter plane taking off with the tactical weapon. Also, Russia has not told whether Russian fighter planes with tactical weapons also flew over Ukrainian cities.

Russia Nuclear Drill

This nuclear drill is in response to NATO's entry into Ukraine

Russia's Defense Ministry says that given Russia's security as well as the threats Russia is receiving from Western countries, Russian preparedness is being tested through nuclear drills. Russia fears that NATO soldiers have started arriving in Ukraine on the pretext of training. The Prime Minister of Estonia had also mentioned this the previous day. Before this, the President of France to many NATO leaders have also talked about sending NATO troops to Ukraine.

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