UK Elections 2024: Setback for PM Rishi Sunak, survey predicts biggest electoral victory ever for opposition Labour Party!


UK News: Britain's opposition Labour Party may register the biggest victory in its history in this election. Survey agency YouGov on Monday predicted a massive majority of 194 seats for the Labour Party.


According to Reuters, a YouGov survey predicted that the center-left Labour Party would win 422 seats in parliament, giving them a majority of 194 seats.

Sunak's party may face a big defeat. A

YouGov poll conducted for Sky News television has predicted the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to win 140 seats. 

YouGov said this would be the biggest drop in support for the Conservatives since 1906. According to the survey, the party could be 'virtually wiped out' in several regions, including London, the North East, North West, and Wales.  

If the predictions made in the survey turn out to be correct, the Labour

The party's victory will be bigger than the majority won by its former leader Tony Blair in 1997. After its crushing defeat in the last election in 2019, the party led by Keir Starmer may get 222 seats. At the same time, the Conservative Party is being predicted to lose 232 seats across the country.

This latest survey is a big setback for Sunak after the budget survey, which indicated a big lead for the Labour Party after nearly two weeks of intense campaigning, failed to yield any results.

At the same time, the opposition Liberal Democrat Party, which has a very small base, is also expected to quadruple its seats to 48 in this election.