Two Chinese spy ships are seen near India's Exclusive Economic Zone, why is China interested in the Indian Ocean?


Two Chinese spy ships have been spotted in the Indian Ocean region. Jiang Yang Hong 01 has been observed visiting the Bay of Bengal area, while Jiang Yang Hong 03 has continued its survey work outside the Exclusive Economic Zones of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Geo-intelligence expert Damien Simon has made this disclosure on X (formerly Twitter). Let us tell you, in January, Jiang Yang Hong 03 was not allowed to dock in Sri Lanka. After which it was seen going towards Maldives.

The country of Maldives is also considered a supporter of China. Simon further informed that India has issued a notification for a large no-fly zone over the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean region from March 11-16. Which is pointing towards a possible test. For information, let us tell you that the no-fly zone extends to 3,550 km.

On January 22, Jiang Yang Hong 03 was seen entering the Indian Ocean region. The ship was told to go to Male (capital of Maldives) for the purpose of surveying the sea. It was expected to reach Male on 30 January. The ship was initially refused entry to Colombo by Sri Lankan authorities after India raised security concerns. After which, on February 4, Jiang Yang Hong 03 started its mission outside the Special Economic Zones of India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Then an Indian submarine called at a port in Colombo, just 250 nautical miles from the ship. On 22 February, Jiang Yang Hong 03 was once again seen heading towards Male.

After which a notification was issued recently on March 7. It was said that there would be a no-fly zone over the Bay of Bengal from 11-16 March. After this, on March 10, Jiang Yang Hong 03 continued its survey work, but Jiang Yang Hong 01 was seen entering the Bay of Bengal area. For your information, this is not the first time that the presence of Chinese ships in the Indian Ocean region has coincided with India's notification of the no-fly zone.

New Delhi had also raised objections when Beijing had sought permission for docking from Male and Colombo for deepwater exploration in the Indian Ocean. Whereas Sri Lanka had refused China's request, despite which the ship was moving towards Maldives. It is noteworthy that Jiang Yang Hong 03's attitude towards males has changed since the visit of the President of Maldives to China. It is a matter of concern for India that China might use these so-called research ships for espionage and preparation for future military operations.

Experts believe that these ships are used to collect data about the hydrosphere of the area. This is done through various sensors installed on ships. According to Vice Admiral BS Randhawa (Retd), the spy ships can also carry and deploy submarines, underwater drones, and long-range sea gliders which can collect data under the sea surface and return it to the Chinese mother ship. Can be worshipped. He says that China may be interested in the cables laid under the sea. Because cutting water cables during the war could be the enemy's objective. Randhawa further said that data is very important for countries that aspire to become a global power.