Trump Shifts Strategy Ahead of Election, Pledges Support for Indian Youth


Elections are to be held in America this year, for which campaigning is going on. Various promises are also being made by the leaders. Former President Donald Trump has also made a promise to the youth studying in America. If Trump becomes the President and fulfills his promise, then it will be a good news for students all over the world, including India.

America: Trump changed his move before the election, made a promise to benefit Indian youth
According to the law, Donald Trump can contest elections even after being proven guilty.

Former US President Donald Trump seems to be a bit changed in the election environment. On the issues on which he used to have an aggressive stance earlier, now his attitude on such topics is looking mild. In a recent interview, Trump has said that he wants foreign students who are graduating from American colleges to get automatic green cards.

In a podcast called 'All-In', Trump was asked about the plan of companies to call better and talented people to America, to which he replied. Through this statement, Trump has changed his stand on Green Card i.e. permission to officially stay in America.

In the 2024 presidential election campaign, Trump has opposed the entry of immigrants into America. His recent statement is completely opposite to his stand. Trump has accused immigrants living illegally in the country of committing crimes, stealing jobs and government resources and said that they are "poisoning the blood of our country." He has promised during the election campaign that if he is elected, he will run the biggest deportation campaign in American history. Trump, who campaigned in this style against outsiders, suddenly changed.

America needs talented people
After assuming the presidency in 2017, Trump ordered 'Buy American and Hire American'. After this order, it was ensured that American workers were given priority for work in America and instructions were given to give business visas only for high-pay and high-skilled jobs. But this time Trump has said that you need a large number of workers for the companies and they should be smart, you need talented people to take the country forward.

Indian students in America

Every year thousands of students go to America for higher education. According to the data of 2023, about two lakh Indian students are doing graduation and post graduation from America. India ranks second among the citizens taking the highest number of green cards in America. According to the survey of CRS, about 65960 people have taken the US Green Card in 2022.