Trouble on Tiktok, after America now demand for ban raised in this Muslim country


Sometimes due to social reasons and sometimes due to security, questions keep being raised on TikTok every day. Many countries have banned the TikTok app. Preparations for a ban are also going on in America, meanwhile, a voice has also been raised from Iraq that TikTok should be banned.

Along with India, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, New Zealand, Afghanistan and the European Union have already banned TikTok. Now Iraq is also going to join this list. Iraq's Communications Minister has appealed to the government to ban the Chinese company's app TikTok in the country. The reason behind this he has cited is the negative impact of TikTok on society.

After the concern expressed by Minister Al-Yasiri in a press conference, this issue has sparked debate across the country. The minister told the media, “I have submitted a letter to the Council of Ministers to block TikTok and I hope that it will be considered soon.” Justifying his demand, he has claimed TikTok's role in destroying the social fabric of Iraq. Apart from this, the app is said to lack education values ​​and is completely entertainment-centric.

It is too early to say whether TikTok will be banned in Iraq or not. But the demand for a ban on this has been raised earlier also. Religious organizations in Iraq have been accusing TikTok of harming the country's culture and religion. Let us tell you that a large section of the youth of Iraq is connected to TikTok, there are about 32 million TikTok users in Iraq. This demand of Al-Yasiri comes after the recent attack on famous Iraqi TikTokers Hussein and his wife Shahida. Let us tell you that recently the couple was shot while returning from work, in which Hussain survived but Shahida lost one eye.

Some people have also expressed concern over the economic impact of banning the app and freedom of expression. Those opposing the ban believe that any restriction is likely to harm Iraq's advertising market, especially small businesses. Because many people are marketing their small businesses through TikTok.