To avenge the death of 300, 80 thousand were killed, when Putin showed the encounter of terrorists live

Putin took oath as President of Russia for the fifth time on Tuesday.

In 1991, Vladimir Putin had become a lieutenant colonel and Anatoly Sobchak became the mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia's largest city. Putin meets Sobchak and makes him deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. After this, he goes to the national level and becomes famous.

Putin took oath as the President of Russia for the fifth time. During this, Putin also gave the message to the world that he was the biggest leader of power in Russia for the last few years, is present now, and will remain so for some more years in the future. From 1992 to 2024, Putin established himself as a leader who competed with Europe and America. Putin has been a spy and carried out many operations while in the KGB. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many KGB agents went into the lap of Western countries and many came into the role of double agents, but Putin did not betray his country and this spirit brought him into politics.

Born in an ordinary family in 1952, Vladimir Putin's father served in the Soviet Union Navy and his mother was a worker in a small factory. Vladimir Putin became a secret officer by joining the Russian intelligence agency KGB in 1975. The biggest change in his life came when Germany started turning against Russia in 1989. Germany was earlier under the influence of Russia, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it now completely came under the influence of America. Russia used to be the Soviet Union at that time and it consisted of 15 countries which disintegrated. The USSR at that time included Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the largest part of which was Russia.

Gorbachev was the most unsuccessful president

When Russia broke into 15 parts, the President of Russia at that time was Mikhail Gorbachev and he was the most unsuccessful president. In 1999, he sent troops to Afghanistan to control the Taliban but had to flee from there. The Berlin Wall was broken, they could not control that too and the USSR disintegrated in 1991. He had to resign from his post and in his place, Boris Yeltsin became the President of Russia. Boris Yeltsin felt that the government system in Russia was useless and because of this, there was a lot of pressure on the government. Boris felt that if we want to move ahead like America, we will have to move ahead by doing private sector. Boris Yeltsin closed down the government machinery and started the private sector and because of this, the economy which was already running could not run. People started losing their jobs and they started protesting. After this entered Vladimir Putin.

In 1991, Vladimir Putin had become a lieutenant colonel, and Anatoly Sobchak used to be the mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia's largest city. Putin meets Sobchak and makes him deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. As soon as he became the Deputy Mayor, he ended corruption there and improved the system. This change begins to be seen on the streets and the name of Vladimir Putin quickly emerges from St. Petersburg. The advisor to the President at that time was Valentin Borisovich Yumashev and he was Boris's son-in-law. He called Putin and made him an advisor to President Boris. In this way Putin and Boris became friends. Gradually Putin rose to the national level and his stature kept increasing.

The hero became after the Chechnya war

About 15 countries had already broken away from the USSR and after Putin became Prime Minister in 1999, Chechnya also wanted to separate from Russia. Meanwhile, from August to September, serial blasts started taking place in the Russian city of Moscow and the death toll reached 300. The people of Russia no longer wanted to see Chechnya and there was a lot of anger among the people of the country regarding this. Boris Yeltsin was addicted to alcohol and this gave the responsibility to Putin to deal with this matter. After which Putin deployed the army against Chechnya and installed a camera on the helmet of every soldier and showed a live telecast of the action. To avenge the death of 300 people, Putin killed about 80 thousand people. When people saw that Putin had avenged the deaths of people, his ratings went up a lot. Putin, who was the Prime Minister in 1999, started becoming more famous than the President and Boris started being accused of corruption. Meanwhile, in 2000, Putin won the presidential elections for the first time.

Keep the power with you every time

The entire power of a big country like Russia was now in the hands of Putin, he had won the elections in the year 2000 and till that time, according to the Constitution of Russia, no person can become the President for two consecutive terms. According to the Constitution, the tenure of the President here was for 4 years. By 2004, when he was elected President, during this tenure he put his close ones in power and completely captured the Kremlin. He did tremendous work in his first term and Russia's GDP grew at the rate of 93 percent. After this, he remained President for the second time from 2004 to 2008 and after that became Prime Minister once again in 2008. He now remained the Prime Minister of Russia till 2012 and made his close friend Dmitry Medvedev win the presidential election. At that time, Putin had amended the Constitution to hand over the powers of the President to the Prime Minister, after which Dmitry remained only the working President and all the powers came to Putin.

Attacked many countries after the second term

Putin became President again in 2012 and again amended the Constitution, withdrawing all powers from the Prime Minister and handing them over to the President. After this, elections were held again in 2016 and Putin was elected President of Russia till 2020. However, by 2020, Putin amended the Constitution and declared himself to remain President till 2036. Putin paid full attention to his country in his first term from 2000 to 2004, but in the second term, he started doing dangerous things and attacked Georgia in 2008, because Georgia broke from the Soviet Union in 1991 and two of its territories Had taken possession. In 2011 Putin invaded Libya. After that in 2014, Ukraine annexed Crimea. In 2015, they saved the falling government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and in 2022 they completely attacked Ukraine.