Those 69 seconds... The true story behind Iranian President Raisi's helicopter crash has emerged, as the second investigation report has disclosed the facts.


On May 19, the Iranian President's helicopter crashed in which he died. At the time of his death, there were also talks of a conspiracy behind the accident. Iran formed an investigation committee to find out the truth, whose second report has come. Know what the investigation team has found.

Ibrahim Raisi

The mystery of the death of Iran's President Ibrahim Raisi is now being solved. Since the helicopter crash on May 19, there have been many discussions about the reasons behind the death. The very next day after the helicopter crash, the Iranian government formed a team for investigation and started the investigation, whose first report said that no evidence of any external hand had been found in the crash and further investigation was going on. Now the Iran Armed Force has also released the second report of the investigation.

In the accident that took place on May 19, 9 people including Iran's President Raisi, and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian were killed. The report said that after examining the samples of debris and pieces of the helicopter as well as the pattern of debris spread at the accident site, it is clear that no conspiracy has been found in the 69 seconds in which the helicopter lost contact after hitting the mountain. Also, the report states that the investigation team has done a 360-degree investigation of the incident in which it has not found any evidence of conspiracy.

No emergency call, no cyber attack

The report also revealed that the payload capacity of the helicopter during the flight was also correct according to the standards. The recorded conversation between the crew has revealed that no emergency call was registered before the last contact was lost and during the 69 seconds.

Investigators have also ruled out any interruption or interference in communication with the helicopter. There was normal contact with the crew during the flight and till 69 seconds before the accident. The report further states that the investigation has not found any signs of a cyber attack.

Investigation will continue

Even though the investigation so far has not revealed any conspiracy behind the accident, the investigation will continue. The team has not yet been able to reach the results of the real cause of the accident. In the second report of the investigation, it has become clear that there was no conspiracy involved in the accident. But still, the investigation team has not been able to reach the cause of the accident. The General Staff of the Armed Forces has said that the investigation will continue until the cause of the accident is known.

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