This Muslim country found such a solution to global warming, the world will set an example after 5 months


In view of the changes in the environment, Indonesia is shifting its entire capital to the east coast of Borneo. 40 percent of Jakarta's land has gone into the sea level and according to experts, about 90 percent of the city will sink by 2050.

New capital being built in Indonesia

The environment is changing rapidly and its adverse effects are also becoming visible. At some places there is a severe drought and at other places there are flood like situations due to rain. Many cities situated on the sea shore are in danger of drowning due to rising water level. Indonesia's capital Jakarta has become the biggest victim of this threat. 40 percent of Jakarta's land has gone under the sea level, due to which the houses of the people here are in danger of drowning.

According to experts, the city will sink in a few years. But even before this happens, the Indonesian government is working on a big plan. Under this plan, about 2 million residents of Jakarta will be relocated to Nusantara, about 1400 km away. Seeing its capital sinking, the Indonesian government had decided to build a new capital in 2019 itself. Its work is being done so fast that the first batch will be shifted to this new city in October this year.

New capital being built

Indonesia is building a new capital to avoid the crisis of global warming. A new city is being built on the east coast of Borneo, about 1400 kilometers from Jakarta. The estimated cost of this project is around 30 billion dollars and it may take time till 2045 to complete.

Futuristic city

Nusantara is being built as a futuristic city. According to the report of The Sun, Nusantara is spread over 1,000 SQ miles, but despite this the city is being built on only 216 SQ miles. If needed in future, it will be expanded. The Indonesian government is building this city with a utopian style design to make it smart. Only electric vehicles will be allowed to enter this CT.

More than one lakh workers are working

According to a report by Business Insider, President Widodo has sent about 100,000 workers to start the construction of Nusantara and if needed, their number can be increased to between 150,000 and 200,000. The work is going on so fast that by the end of 2024, people will start shifting into it.

According to information received from the project website, a network of roads in the forest has been completed by 2022. So that the construction of government facilities and other offices can start. Initially the population of this city is expected to be around 500,000.