This criminal was clever, he was fooling the police for 2 years, but due to his wife's stupidity he got caught by the police


A cunning criminal was living a luxurious life after embezzling 900 million dollars. He was dodging the police for the last 2 years, but got caught due to his wife's stupidity. The news of this Brazilian drug mafia has become a topic of discussion among people on social media.
The drug mafia's wife tagged the location in her social media post.

Image Credit: Pexels

This story is about a Brazilian drug mafia named Ronald Roland, who was finally caught by the police after being absconding for two years. Ronald had links with a drug cartel in Mexico and had embezzled $900 million (i.e. more than Rs 7,514 crore) in the last five years. However, due to a mistake by his wife, he was caught by the police.

According to a report published in the Daily Mail, the Brazilian police succeeded in arresting this vicious drug mafia because of a stupidity committed by his wife Andreja de Lima. Andreja owned a bikini shop, which Ronald used for money laundering. But in the pursuit of show-off, Andreja forgot that her husband had been fooling the police for two years.

Actually, Andreja tagged Ronald at the lunch location in one of her posts on Instagram. In this, the drug mafia was seen enjoying vacation with his family while showing his property. Then what happened. The police tracked the location and arrested Ronald.
By the way, this is not the first time that drug mafia Ronald has landed in trouble due to social media posts. Earlier, an Insta post shared by his first wife had landed him behind bars. This news has become a topic of discussion among people on social media.
One user commented, who does such stupid things brother. Whereas, another said, if I were in his wife's place, I would hesitate to even use social media accounts. Another user quipped, all criminals' wives should be like this.