Third World War: Within 24 hours, there has been an increase in the number of nuclear weapons around the world, many countries are rehearsing for destruction.


Third World War: The sounds of the Third World War have increased once again. In the last 24 hours, the nuclear commotion has been seen all over the world, and discussions about nuclear bombs have intensified in North Korea, Iran, Poland, Russia, and even America.

The sounds of the Third World War have intensified all over the world. In the last 24 hours, tremendous nuclear activity has been seen in many parts of the world. Discussion about nuclear bombs has started in North Korea, Iran, Poland, Russia, and even America. North Korea has been threatening the increasing closeness between America and South Korea for the last several months. After the US Army's war exercises with the South Korean army, North Korea also showed the power of its missiles and tanks to the world. Now it has also drilled nuclear counterattack in response to the exercise.

On the other hand, there is a discussion in Iran's parliament to make nuclear bombs soon. So Poland has also agreed to keep America's nuclear bomb. Immediately after the Polish President's statement about the nuclear bomb, Russia also threatened Poland.

North Korea did a Nuclear drill

Under the supervision of North Korea's King Kim Jong Un, the Korean Army conducted the first practice of nuclear retaliatory strike using the "Nuclear Trigger" Management System. State media said on Tuesday that Washington and Seoul were ready to start talks with North Korea on the maritime border dispute, while North Korea conducted a nuclear drill.

Under this drill, North Korea's first alarm in the event of a nuclear crisis – Hwasnpalryong – was issued. As soon as the alarm was raised, all the units of the Nuclear Force were rehearsed to become active. Nuclear shells were also fired from a super large multiple rocket launcher with a fake nuclear warhead. An island was targeted with a super large multiple rocket which was 352 kilometers away. The biggest specialty of North Korea's nuclear drill is that for the first time, all the processes from beginning to end were included in it like a real war.

Echo of a nuclear bomb in Iran's parliament

Tension is at its peak in the Middle East. Since Iran's attack on Israel on April 14, there is a fear that the Middle East may get engulfed in a long war. An Iranian MP threatened that if the Supreme Leader gave the order, he would make a nuclear bomb for Iran within a week. Let us tell you that America and Israel have been alleging that Iran has been preparing to make a nuclear bomb for many years. Although Israel has been denying these allegations, after this threat, it seems that Iran has made full preparations to become a nuclear-rich country.

Tension deepens between Poland and Russia

Amidst increasing tensions with Russia, the President of Poland said that Poland is ready to keep America's nuclear weapons. The Russian Foreign Ministry says that when Poland is already a member of NATO, then why does it want to keep American nuclear weapons in the name of its security? Russia has warned that if Poland does this, then in case of war with NATO, the American nuclear weapons present in Poland will be Russia's first target. This development came to light when Russia feared that American and French special forces had entered Ukraine through Romania and were present in Odesa. Meanwhile, America has announced to deployment of many more of its military officers in Ukraine in the name of advisors.\