There is no limit to atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan… Priya has been missing for 3 years and Chanda has been missing for one and a half years.


Priya was last seen 3 years ago on August 19 at her home in Muharram. Chanda has been missing from the Sindh province of Pakistan for the last one and a half years. She was a minor at the time of her disappearance. She would be 17 years old now. Human rights activist Mahesh Vasu said that if there is hell anywhere in the world, it is in Pakistan. The voice should be raised against this.

On March 11, the Central Government issued a notification regarding the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA. Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave this information and with this, this law came into force in the country. Under this, people who came to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will be given citizenship. The displaced people living in different corners of the country expressed great happiness over this. On one hand, India implemented this law, on the other hand, atrocities against Hindus increased in Pakistan.

Pakistan's Hindu girl Priya has been missing for 3 years

Priya Kumari, a Hindu girl from Pakistan, who is only 6 years old, has been missing since 19 August 21 from Sangharar near Sukkur Sindh, Pakistan. On this matter, the girl's father has accused a Muslim man of kidnapping. The girl was last seen 3 years ago on August 19 at her home in Muharram. During this time, she was sitting with her father, the father went inside to get water and when he came out, the girl was missing. The father told TV9 Bharatvarsh that this month Sindh Police has constituted an investigation committee but nothing has been found out. We are very upset, Priya's mother said that if our daughter comes back, we will leave our country.

There is no end to atrocities on Hindus

At the same time, Chanda has been missing from Sindh province of Pakistan for the last one and a half years. TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to Chanda's sister Sona. Sona said that it has been one and a half years, but we do not even know whether my sister is alive or has been killed. Sona said that we did a lot. We fought with the police till the court, but now our case has also been closed. She was a minor at the time of her disappearance and would now be 17 years old. We used to tell the judge, but the judge used to say that Chanda said that she did not want to meet. This way we were not allowed to meet him. We miss Chanda. Chanda was the youngest among us, we all remember her.

Traders were also tortured, many came to India

A violent video of Hrithik, the young son of Hindu businessman Jairam Dahera (Lohana) in chains, has been released in Sindh, Pakistan. On 5 February 2024, Hrithik was kidnapped by Muslim bandits on the way between Sakhar and Mirpurmathelo. He has been in the custody of bandits for more than 45 days. Strikes and protests by Hindus continue in small and big villages of Mirpurmathelo.

Atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan statistics

  • Kidnapping at gunpoint, rape, forced religious conversion, prostitution in the name of marriage: 121
  • Married girl shot dead in failed attempt to kidnap: 01
  • Kidnapping/forced conversion/rape of Hindu boys and men: 05
  • Forced mass religious conversion: 2,251
  • The dead body hanging by the neck from a tree/house and recovered from a well: 78
  • Target killing and brutal murder: 25
  • Kidnapping, extortion, and gunshot injuries: 21
  • Unlawful arrest and enforced disappearance: 03
  • Serious injury in brutal attacks: 06
  • Slaves and bonded laborers of Muslim landlord imprisoned in private jail: 201
  • Attack on houses, temples, cemeteries, and occupation of land: 77
  • Total cases: 2,786
  • ‘If there is hell in the world, it is in Pakistan’

Mahesh Vasu, a human rights activist for Hindus in Pakistan, said that if there is hell anywhere in the world, it is in Pakistan, voice should be raised against it. Atrocities against Hindus are continuously increasing in Pakistan. Recently TV9 reported how Hindus are migrating from Pakistan. Apart from this, there are many such cases which show the atrocities taking place in Pakistan.