The world's best city has been destroyed... Cricketer Kevin Pietersen angry at Muslim Mayor of London


Former England cricket captain and great batsman Kevin Pietersen on Thursday accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of ruining the city of London. After the stabbing incident in the London train, Kevin Pietersen has raised questions on the law and order situation in London City.

Kevin Pietersen has expressed his anger by tweeting when a video of a man stabbing another passenger inside a train has surfaced. It is seen in the video that a person is continuously attacking another passenger with a knife inside the train.

According to media reports, this incident took place on a train near East London in broad daylight on Wednesday, which has raised serious questions about the law and order situation in the city of London. And reacting to the same video, the former cricketer said that the "most wonderful city" has turned into a "completely dangerous place". What did Kevin Pietersen say about Sadiq Khan? Kevin Pietersen tweeted, "Is this the city of London now??? London was once the best city. But it's a disgrace to any place that you can't wear an expensive watch. You can't use your phone. One cannot roam around with a phone in one's hand. Women's bags and jewellery are snatched away. Cars are broken into pieces in the rampant vandalism and snatching. This is what Sadiq Khan has done to this city. "They should be proud of that."

Further attacking Sadiq Khan, the former cricketer cited his recent social media post, where he promised to deploy more police officers on the streets of London if elected mayor for a third term. Sadiq Khan wrote, that "As Mayor, I have already doubled investment in policing and crime prevention. If I am re-elected, a return to proper neighbourhood policing will be at the heart of my third term for Londoners. Keeping it safe is my priority." Responding to which Pietersen posted, "This person has been in charge of London for years and all the nonsense that has started happening in London has started during his tenure. And for this no one other than Sadiq Khan is responsible." And we can't hold others responsible. We all know what the greatest leaders don't do." Sadiq Khan has been mayor since 2016 Let us tell you that Sadiq Khan is a British leader of Pakistani origin and he is a member of the Labor Party. In the year 2016, he was elected Mayor of London City. But, during his tenure, there have been many communal riots in London and the people of Britain often allege that the law and order system of London has collapsed. 

During the tenure of Sadiq Khan, many rallies have been taken out in support of Hamas in London, regarding which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has also objected and his government has even said that this has become a very dangerous situation. Mayoral elections are going to be held again in London on May 2 this year and Sadiq Khan has again become a candidate. Therefore, this tweet by Kevin Pietersen can affect the election of Sadikh Khan.