The priest who was beheaded by terrorists in Russia had an Israel connection! He was serving in the church for 40 years


Terrorists attacked a Jewish prayer place and church on Sunday, killing 16 people including the pastor. The pastor died due to slitting of his throat; he had been serving in this church for 40 years.

Terrorist attack on Jewish place of worship and church in Russia

On June 23, a terrorist attack took place in Russia in which Jewish prayer houses and churches were targeted. 16 people died in this attack, including a pastor who was brutally murdered by slitting his throat.

This terrorist attack took place in the cities of Derbent and Makhachkala in Dagestan, a southern region of Russia. In this attack, the Orthodox priest of the church was killed by slitting his throat, this information was given by Home Ministry spokesperson Gayana Garieva. The priest killed in the attack has been identified as 66-year-old Father Nikolay Kotelnikov.

A priest's throat was slit after he entered the church

Father Nikolay was in the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the city of Derbent, where terrorists attacked on Sunday evening, entered the church after the evening prayer and brutally slit the throat of Father Nikolay who was present there. Apart from Father Nikolay, the terrorists also shot the security guard working in the church, he was identified as a person named Mikhail who was the only security guard in that church.

He had been serving in the church for 40 years

According to the information, other priests present in the church locked themselves in the church to save themselves and waited for help, where all of them survived safely. Shamil Khadule, Chairman of the Dagestan Public Monitoring Commission, said that according to the information received, the deceased priest Father Nikolay was seriously ill. He has served in the church for about 40 years. Father Nikolay was earlier in Stavropol, Russia, from where he was sent to Dagestan in the year 1980.

How is the connection with Israel?

According to media reports, Father Nikolay's family includes his wife, three children and grandchildren. Father Nikolay also participated in the ceremony of carrying the 'Holy Fire' from Israel's capital Jerusalem to Russia, this is an Orthodox Christian tradition that takes place a day before Easter. After this terrorist attack, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been declared days of mourning.