The noise of screams from loudspeakers… Israel crossed all limits of barbarity in Rafah


Israel's attack continues in Rafah. The Israeli army is raining death here. Israel is also busy spreading terror amidst the bombing in the area. For this, he is using a loudspeaker. Let us know what the Israeli army is doing with these loudspeakers.

Image Tv9-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

In its passion to eliminate Hamas, Israel has destroyed almost the entire Gaza. A corner was given to 1.7 million people at the end of Gaza, where they were living in bad conditions in refugee camps, but now the Israeli army has reached Rafah as well. Fighter jets and tanks of the Israeli army have started raining death in Rafah. Not only this, the Israeli Army flew drones in the sky in which loudspeakers were installed. The screams of women and children were broadcast through these loudspeakers. The sound of dogs barking was played on loudspeakers. So that panic spreads further amid the bombing.

Continuous attacks on Rafa by tanks continue. Israeli soldiers are removing Hamas flags from the Rafah area and hoisting Israeli flags. More than 54 people have died. More than 96 people have been injured. With this, the death toll in Gaza has reached 34789 and so far 78204 people have been injured in the war.

Rafah was the safest area of ​​Israel. About 17 lakh people have taken shelter in this area to save their lives. Along with Rafah, the war between IDF and Hamas continues in different areas of Central Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinian civilians and Israeli soldiers are also being killed in this war.

The attacks will not stop!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that attacks on Gaza's Rafah area will not stop, while many countries including America are opposing this decision. Attacks on Rafah mean the biggest massacre because Rafah has been seized by the Israeli army and civilians have no safe place to save their lives.

IDF (Israel Defense Force) has sealed the border with Egypt. The routes for relief material to reach other areas of Gaza through Rafah have been closed. Israel has dropped leaflets on Rafah and ordered the citizens to leave. The attacks on Rafah will intensify because Israel claims that there are Hamas tunnels in the Rafah area near the Egypt border and the army will have to move forward to destroy them.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant himself has taken command of the war. On 7 May, Gallant visited the artillery base which is providing support fire to the forces arriving to conduct ground operations in Rafah. Many areas of Rafah area are becoming ruins due to Israeli attacks.