The minister who resigned from the Israel Cabinet War had these 6 conditions, Saudi's name also came up


Due to the lack of a solid strategy in the Gaza war, Netanyahu is getting trapped within the country. Due to a lack of a solid strategy to bring back the hostages and protect Israel, coalition government minister Benny Gantz has resigned from his post. He had put 6 conditions in front of Netanyahu, one of which was also about Saudi Arabia.

Due to the death of civilians in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is being criticized all over the world. Now he is facing opposition within his country as well. Benny Gantz, a minister in his coalition government, has resigned from his post. He has cited Netanyahu's lack of a strategy for the war as the reason for his resignation. While resigning, he said, "Unity should be real, not a 'sham' to cover up the deadlock in the leadership of the war." Gantz had already laid down some conditions and had given Netanyahu a deadline of June 8.

Benny Gantz had been disappointed with the Prime Minister's war policies for a long time. He said, "At this critical time, the leadership should see the big picture, identify the threats, identify the opportunities, and formulate a national strategy." He had put forward his 6 conditions before the War Cabinet and had given a deadline of June 8 to fulfill them, which has not been met.

Gantz's 6 conditions that Netanyahu could not fulfill

  1. Bringing the hostages back home
  2. Eliminate Hamas rule, demilitarize the Gaza Strip, and bring Gaza under Israeli security control.
  3. Create an international civilian governance system for Gaza, alongside Israeli control, including American, European, Arab, and Palestinian elements, that is independent of Hamas and PA President Abbas.
  4. Returning Israelis living in the north to their homes by September 1.
  5. To build a front against Iran and its allies and to pursue relations with Saudi Arabia as part of a broader effort to build an alliance with the West.
  6. To create a framework for military/national service through which all Israelis may serve the country and contribute to the nation.

On these demands, he also said that it is not easy to achieve this goal, but with strong determination and leadership, we can achieve it.

Growing anger for Netanyahu

Questions have been raised on the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the beginning of the Gaza war. Every Saturday, thousands of people are protesting against the government on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for not being able to bring back all the hostages. Leaders of opposition parties were already questioning Netanyahu's policies, and now rebellious voices are being heard from his coalition government.

This was said about the Palestinian state

On the increasing pressure for peace from Arab countries and America, Gantz had said that Israel has full responsibility for its security. We will not allow any external power, whether friend or foe, to impose a Palestinian state on us.