The joy of Eid turns into sadness, Indian student Abdul dies in America was missing for three weeks


The month of Ramadan is about to end and Eid is approaching, in such a situation, the happiness of Eid has turned into sadness for the family of Indian student Mohammad Abdul Arafat who had gone to America to study. The Indian Consulate in New York informed on April 9 that Mohammad Abdul Arafat, an Indian student studying in America, had died.

Arafat's age is said to be 25 years and he was a resident of Hyderabad, he had gone to America's Cleveland State University to study to obtain a master's degree in the year 2023. Mohammed Abdul Arafat had been missing for nearly three weeks, and the consulate had previously reported that it was in contact with Arafat's family and was working with local law agencies to locate him.

But this morning (April 9) the embassy informed me that Arafat had died. "It is saddened to learn that Mohammed Abdul Arafat, for whom a search operation was underway, has been found dead in Cleveland, Ohio," the Consulate said in a post on Twitter. Our deepest condolences to the family of Mohammad Arafat. IndiainNewYork tweeted that it is in touch with local agencies to ensure an investigation into the death of Mohammed Abdul Arafat. It was also said in the post that we are providing all possible assistance to his family to bring his mortal remains to India.

Arafat's father Mohammad Salim said that he last spoke to his son Arafat on March 7 and after that Arafat's phone was switched off. On March 19, Salim received a call from an unknown person who said that Arafat had been kidnapped by a drug gang and demanded $1,200 from Arafat's father. Arafat's father said that he received a call from an unknown number, and the caller told him that his son had been kidnapped and demanded money. However, Arafat's father said that the caller did not tell him how to send the money. Arafat's father further said that when I asked the caller to let me talk to his son, he refused to let me talk to his son.

This year many Indians and students of Indian origin have died in America. The back-to-back deaths have shocked and troubled Indian students in America and their families in India. Recently, 25-year-old Vivek Saini was beaten to death by a drug addict and 27-year-old Venkatraman Pittala died in a boat accident. The reasons for the death of many students have not been confirmed yet. Indians turn to America to get an education. According to America, 35 per cent more students came to America for studies from the year 2021-2022. According to the data, more than 2.6 lakh Indian students went to America in 2022-2023.