The Egyptian government got angry due to the death of Hajj pilgrims in Mecca, it took action against so many companies


After the death of pilgrims, the Egyptian government took strict action against many tourist companies, canceled their licenses, and ordered to impose fines on them. This year more than a thousand deaths have occurred in the Saudi city of Mecca, out of which 630 are pilgrims who went illegally from Egypt.

Haj Pilgrims

Tourism companies in Egypt have received a severe blow from the government. Recently, Egypt's Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouly has ordered the cancellation of licenses of 16 tourism companies. All these companies are accused of illegally helping pilgrims for the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca.

Recently, news of the death of more than 1100 people has come from Mecca city of Saudi Arabia, most of these people have died due to increasing heat. About 658 of all the dead people were from Egypt, but 630 of them had not registered for the Haj pilgrimage, they all went for the Haj pilgrimage with the help of these companies. As soon as the news of this came out, an investigation was done and 16 companies were found whose licenses will be canceled.

A fine will be imposed on all

This year a lot of attention was paid to the safety and convenience of the people going for Hajj pilgrimage, for which registration and Hajj visa were necessary. Still, many people were unable to register and resorted to these companies by adopting illegal means. Now the Egyptian government has come into action mode against these companies. The cabinet said that the managers of all these companies would be sent to the public prosecutor's office for illegally helping people for pilgrimage, where all of them would be fined so that the families of the dead in Mecca could benefit.

Death caused by travel companies

The cabinet further said that the increase in deaths of Egyptian pilgrims is due to these travel companies. This year the Saudi government has been very strict during the Haj pilgrimage. It is necessary to have a Haj permit to perform Haj, people without a Haj permit are barred from entering Mecca, and there is a provision of punishment by the Saudi government for not doing so.