Terror in Pakistan between Eid shopping and Namaz.. 3 killed, 20 injured


Fear has arisen in Pakistan 2 days before Eid. Last Monday i.e. on the evening of 8th April, two blasts took place simultaneously in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Three people died in this blast while about 20 people were reported injured. This blast has shocked everyone.

After two days, the festival of Eid is to be celebrated all over the world, but before that, there have been reports of blasts from two different places in Pakistan. One blast took place in a mosque in the Kuchlak area of ​​Quetta district, while the other blast took place at Omar Farooq Chowk in Khuzdar city. Giving information about this blast on Tuesday, the police said that when the blast took place in the mosque, people had gathered in the mosque to offer Maghrib prayers, while on the other hand, at the time of the blast in Omar Farooq Chowk, women and children were celebrating Eid. I went to the market to shop.

According to the information, 2 people died and 5 were injured in the blast that occurred while shopping. A senior police officer in Pakistan said that at the time of the blast in the market, a huge crowd had gathered in the market for shopping. He further said that in the blast in the mosque, one policeman was killed while 15 people were injured. Police said that all the injured people were admitted to the nearby Khuzdar Teaching Hospital for treatment.

As soon as the news of the blast was received, police and law enforcement forces reached the spot and started an investigation. In the report released by the Bomb Disposal Squad official regarding the investigation, it was said that two motorbikes were found near the accident site, in which Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) were installed. Officials said that both these explosions were carried out through remote control.

The attack is being investigated, although it is not yet known which organization has carried out both the blasts. Since the beginning of this year, terrorist attacks have increased in Pakistan, these attacks have also openly targeted security forces and establishments. Recently, the banned Balochistan Liberation Army claimed to have carried out three major terrorist attacks in the province on Mach city, Gwadar port and a naval base in Turbat, in which security forces killed around 17 terrorists.