Taiwan passed a bill to reduce the power of the President, know why it is being considered pro-China?


A bill has been passed in Taiwan which is being called dangerous for democracy. After this bill becomes law, the powers of the President will be reduced. The people of Taiwan, especially the supporters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, have come out on the streets. Let's understand what the whole controversy is.

Picture of demonstration in Taiwan, Photo - AFP

President Lai Cheng Te, elected this year in Taiwan, is considered a critic of China. China also hates him a lot. But the parliament there is occupied by the Nationalist (KMT Party) which is considered a party supporting China.

The KMT Party has passed a bill from the Parliament that can reduce the power of the President of Taiwan. The most important change from this bill will be that control over the country's budget, especially the expenditure on defense, will come under the jurisdiction of the Parliament where the opposition parties have an edge.

Will this bill become a law?

After the passing of this bill, there are widespread protests across the country. Thousands of people have come out on the streets and are calling this bill fatal to Taiwan's democracy. However, things are not very clear yet whether the passed bill will become law or not.

If the Prime Minister of Taiwan vetoes the bill, then the law will not be made. It is also possible that the PM of Taiwan sends it to the President. The President will have to declare the new bill as a law within 10 days. If this does not happen, then the bill passed by the Parliament will not become law.

What is the stand of Taiwan's parties?

The KMT party is in the opposition in Taiwan. This party is also called Nationalist. This party advocates the unification of Taiwan with China, while the Democratic Progressive Party of the current President Lai Cheng Te believes that Taiwan is an independent country and will be run by democratic traditions.

Taiwan came into existence as a separate country after the civil war of 1949. Since then, China has been trying to take complete control of it. In this regard, it has often adopted an aggressive stance which has been condemned by Western countries and they support the views of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party.

America and China on Taiwan

The Democratic Progressive Party has accused Taiwan's opposition party KMT and Taiwan People's Party of trying to weaken Taiwan's democracy through the new bill. At the same time, the KMT party calls it a necessary reform.

Taiwan has been under martial law under the KMT party for about 40 years. China has been continuously violating Taiwan's border by sending planes close to Taiwan. America has been cooperating in the security of Taiwan despite not having formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.