Sweden Quran Burning: Protest against the Quran is not stopping in Sweden, then permission was sought to burn it.


Sweden Quran Burning: Preparations are being made to burn the Quran once again in Sweden. Malmo Police has said that we have received a request for permission to burn the Quran, if the police give permission then the Quran can be burnt in Sweden's Eurovision Song Contest. Even before this, an incident of burning of the Quran has come to light here.

A woman protesting against Islamophobia

Sweden often remains in the news due to anti-Islam activities. The Holy Quran has been burnt many times in Sweden in the name of freedom of speech. Here the law also gives freedom to do so. Due to which there is anger against the Swedish government in the Muslim world. An Iraqi refugee and fundamentalist Christian man has called for burning the Quran in Sweden ahead of this week's Eurovision Song Contest.

British newspaper 'The Daily Mail' reports that Salwan Najam, an Iraqi refugee who has acquired Swedish citizenship and is demanding the ban of Islam in Sweden, and fundamentalist Christian Jed Sandberg have sought permission from the administration to burn the holy book of Islam. Has asked for. According to the news, permission has been sought from Malmö city police to burn Qurans before Eurovision starts on May 7.

Quran has been burnt before too

According to the law in Sweden, burning the Quran is not a crime. Last year, Iraqi Salwan Momika publicly burned the Quran on more than one occasion after getting permission from Swedish authorities. Malmo Police has said that we have received a request for permission to burn the Quran and we are currently considering granting the permission.

About 3.50 lakh people live in Malmo and about 50 thousand of the population here are Muslims. Israel is also included among the countries participating in Eurovision which will run till 11 May. Malmo Police has also informed that more than 10 requests have come to them regarding the burning of the Quran as well as Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel demonstrations.

There was also a demand to keep Israel out of Eurovision to be held in Sweden in protest against the Gaza attacks. However the European Broadcasting Union, which organized the event, rejected this demand.