Such a deal is going to be made between China and Iran, India's tension may increase


The demand for Iran's drones is increasing across the world. Not only in the Middle East, now Iran's drones will be used in Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey as well as China. China's army has ordered 15 thousand drones to Iran.

Chinese army will use Iranian drones

Iran has been accused of providing drones and missiles to rebel groups in the Middle East. Even amid the Ukraine war, Russia has purchased cheap drones from Iran. After the recent attack on Israel, Iran proved that its drones are capable of attacking even from a distance of 2 thousand kilometers. After which the world's biggest economic and military powers have also decided to include these Iranian drones in their army.

According to reports, the Chinese Army has ordered 15,000 suicide drones to Iran, and apart from this, Russia is also going to buy ballistic missiles from Iran again. China and Russia are big powers in the world and their military strength is no less than America's army. In such a situation, the purchase of weapons by these countries from Iran shows to what extent Iran has increased its military capability.

Russia bought Iranian drones

In June last year, the White House had said that Russia was deepening its defense cooperation with Iran. White House spokesperson had said that Russia has purchased drones from Iran, which it is using to attack Ukraine. Let us tell you that Iran's drones and uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used in large numbers in the Ukraine-Russia war.

China purchasing such a large number of drones can also become a threat to India. Because India's border dispute with China has deepened in the last few years.

Israel showed strength in attack

America and Russia have been selling their weapons all over the world. Wherever there is war in any corner of the world, the names of these two countries come up. Experts believe that war provides an opportunity to show the quality of our weapons to the world. The entry of America, France, Britain, and Russia into war in any region of the world is also proof of this. If a country's weapons perform well in a war, their demand increases. Iran's attack on Israel is proving helpful in its arms exports.

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