Study: A new study on the spread of a new variant of Corona 'IHU' which is found in France, know how dangerous, how much has spread so far


Relieving news has come to light after studying the new variant 'IHU' of Corona found in France. In fact, this study has found that the prevalence of the 'IHU' variant is very low and there is no need to panic. The number of patients infected with this variant is very less. Researchers said that it is too early to speculate on the IHU variant because so far a small number of people have been affected by it. However, the investigation of the behavior of the new variant is still at a very early stage. Earlier this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) also said that the 'IHU' variant did not pose a high risk as of now.


Know when this variant was first found
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the new IHU variant of Corona has so far been found only in France and it has not been found in any other country. According to a WHO report, the first case of the IHU variant was detected in mid-November 2021. This is from Omicron's official discovery i.e. 24 November 2021.


How did IHU get its name?
The variant is a subspecies of B.1.640 and the discovery of this new variant was announced by researchers from the University Hospital Institutes (IHU) of the Mediterranean Infection in Marseilles, France, led by scientist Didier Raoul, hence the name IHU. It is classified as B.1.640.2.