Strange demand of American prisoners to see the solar eclipse, the court reached to change the jail rules


The first solar eclipse of 2024 is going to occur on Monday, April 8. This solar eclipse is taking place a day before the beginning of Chaitra Navratri, and enthusiasm for it is being seen in India as well as in the whole world. The solar eclipse will be visible in America for about 4 minutes, due to which there is excitement among school children, workers and even jail prisoners. Inmates in New York jail have demanded facilities from the jail to watch the solar eclipse on April 8. The prisoners have also filed a case in the court demanding to see the solar eclipse. Let us tell you that the people of America will see the sky getting dark in 13 different states on April 8, the eclipse will last for about 4 minutes. After this time, such a solar eclipse will be seen in America only in 2044. Therefore, there is a lot of interest in watching it among the people of the country.

After filing a law suit in the court, the prisoners argued that it was their religious right to see the solar eclipse. The interesting thing about this is that prisoners from more than one religion have made this request on religious grounds. The prisoners have filed a law suit against the new law brought by the State Corrections Department in March. In which there is a ban on prisoners going out of the barrack from 2:00 pm to 5 pm. Under this law, prisoners will remain in housing units during this time except in emergencies. On Monday, the solar eclipse will take place at 2:15 pm according to America time.

Let us tell you that solar eclipse is a rare natural phenomenon, which has religious significance for many people. Six inmates have filed a lawsuit at Woodbourne Correctional Facility demanding to see it. The jail commissioner has issued a lockdown memo, in which it is written that all the prisoners will remain in their barracks from 2 pm to 5 pm. However, they can see this moment from their window.