South Korea: Will make artificial sun by 2026, a target of 300 seconds to be achieved


The South Korean government is planning to develop technology to build Korea's first artificial sun 'Kestar' by 2026. This Sun can maintain temperature up to 100 million degrees in 300 seconds. 300 seconds is the minimum time required for the commercialization of nuclear fusion technology.

The country's Ministry of Science and ICT announced that it has finalized the Fourth Basic Plan (2022-2026) of nuclear fusion energy development by convening the 16th National Fusion Committee at the Korea Institute of Fusion Energy.

The Ministry of Science sets goals and directions of its policies for nuclear fusion energy development every 5 years. As planned, it will continue to improve operational technology in the area of ​​artificial sun experiments. The government is aiming to produce electricity like electricity by artificially applying this principle on Earth with 'Keystar'.

For the first time in 2018, the Korean research team was successful in maintaining 'KEstar' at 100 million degrees for 1.5 seconds. 'KEstar' was able to maintain this capability for 20 seconds last year and 30 seconds this year.