Shocking pictures of Israeli soldiers are going viral, seen with women's undergarments in Gaza


Some pictures of Israeli soldiers are going viral very fast on social media. In these pictures, he is seen in those areas of Gaza which Israel recently won in the war. He was allegedly found playing with women's clothes here. Not only this, it is being said that he has also made videos of the women there making derogatory comments about their undergarments. 

The people of Gaza believe that this work being done by Israeli soldiers is humiliating for the women there. Not only this, he says that this is also a violation of international law. These videos of Israeli soldiers are having an impact at the global level and anger against them is spreading rapidly.

The video went viral on social media 

In the video going viral on social media, an Israeli soldier is seen sitting in a room with a gun in his hand. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, another soldier present there was seen hanging a woman's undergarments in front of his mouth.

Another photo showed an Israeli soldier doing a similar act and holding a female effigy with a helmet on. Meanwhile, he can be heard saying, "I have found a beautiful wife, a serious relationship and a great woman in Gaza."

The video, containing images of lingerie and a mannequin, verified by Reuters, has been reposted by Palestinian reporter Younes Tirawi. Since then this video has been viewed thousands of times on social media.

Statement of the United Nations Spokesperson

After these actions of Israeli soldiers, the statement of the United Nations has also come out. Human Rights Office spokesperson Raveena Shamdasani says that these actions of Israeli soldiers are extremely insulting to Palestinian women and all the women of the world.