Shaykh Ismail: The man who served free tea and coffee in the holiest city of Muslims for 40 years dies


Shaykh Ismail: Shaykh Ismail, who served free tea and coffee to people in the streets of Medina, Saudi Arabia, died. Sheikh, who left the world at the age of 96, has been serving the followers coming to Madinah for the last 40 years. His son also helped Sheikh in this work.

Sheikh Ismail Al-Jaim, who served free tea and coffee to pilgrims coming for Umrah and Hajj in Saudi Arabia's city of Medina, passed away. People often posted videos and pictures of Sheikh Ismail on social media, he is also known as the 'Host of the Prophet's followers'.

Sheikh Ismail had been serving free tea and coffee to the people coming to Medina for more than 40 years. But he died on Tuesday at the age of 96. After his demise, many people have expressed grief on social media, remembered his good deeds, and prayed for his forgiveness.

Who was Sheikh Ismail?

Sheikh Ismail al-Zaim Abu al-Sabah was born in the Syrian city of Hama. But decades ago he came to Medina and then started living here. Despite being of Syrian origin, people called him 'the host of the Prophet's followers'. Sheikh Ismail was famous for giving free food including coffee, water, dates, ginger, tea, milk, and bread to about 300 people every day.

used to serve Allah

He used to sit on a plastic chair near the Prophet's Mosque, in front of him was a table with plates of sweets and dates along with tea and coffee. In many interviews, Sheikh has said that he was serving for the sake of Allah and without taking any money from anyone.

Along with him, his sons were also seen helping him in this work. Sheikh said that if he did not keep himself busy with this work, his heart would not be happy. Sheikh Ismail had the image of a noble person in Medina and throughout Saudi Arabia.

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