Saudi took revenge! Was helping Israel by becoming a friend of Iran


America claimed that Saudi and Jordan had already been informed about the attack by Iran. Not only to provide information but also to thwart the Iranian attack, Jordan had opened its air space to American fighter planes. The air defense systems of both the Arab countries had also destroyed many Iranian drones and missiles.

Many countries had already informed Israel that Iran would attack. Many countries like America, and Britain had warned Israel. This also happened. In the dark of night, when everyone was sleeping, Iran fired 300 drones and missiles one after the other toward Israel. This was the same moment when Iran gave rise to the third war in the world. There is already a war going on between Russia-Ukraine, and Israel-Hamas.

Many countries in the Middle East kept themselves completely away from this war. However, a surprising report has come out in which it has been claimed that Saudi Arabia has helped Israel to stop the Iranian attack. Why did the country which had told America that it would not allow its territory to be used to retaliate against Iran, help Israel itself? Did Saudi have any revenge left that it wanted to take from Iran?

Plan together with Israel, America, Britain, and France

Saudi Arabia has acknowledged that it has helped the newly formed regional military alliance, which includes Israel, the US, Jordan, Britain, and France, to thwart an Iranian attack against Israel. Many drones and missiles had to pass through Jordanian and Saudi airspace to reach Israel, which were shot down by these Gulf countries together. According to the Times of Israel report, with the help of other allied countries, 99 percent of drone and missile attacks were destroyed in the air.

Iran Saudi's old enmity

The old enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both countries have been in rivalry with each other for a very long time. This has increased even more in the last few years. Religion has also been a center of conflict. Both are Islamic countries where Sunnis and Shias live in large numbers. There are more Shia Muslims in Iran and more Sunni Muslims in Saudi. There is a dispute between the two countries regarding the dominance of these two communities. Apart from this, Saudi has been accusing Iran of providing weapons to Houthi rebels. Iran and Saudi Arabia are not directly involved but are involved in a proxy war-like situation. It is believed that Saudi has taken revenge on Iran under the guise of helping other countries.

Saudi-Jordan helped Israel

Let us tell you that the distance between Iran and Israel is approximately one thousand kilometers. The drones and missiles fired by Iran were passing through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. It is also worth noting that Jordan has been opposing Israel's continuous attacks on Gaza. But still, Iran shot down the missiles it fired towards Israel. Reports have also revealed that Jordan had opened its air space for Israeli and American fighter planes to fly.

What is America's claim?

America has claimed that Gulf countries like Saudi and Jordan were aware of this attack by Iran. He also informed us about this, due to which this major attack could be almost completely avoided. Saudi and Jordanian air defense systems destroyed many Iranian drones and missiles.

However, after this attack by Iran, Israel immediately called a war meeting and talked about revenge. It is not yet clear whether Israel will also carry out air strikes. And if yes, when will it do? Iranian ministers have expressed fear that Israel might retaliate.

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