Saudi Arabia, which has immense wealth, has the biggest shortage of one thing, it is 'Mission Green' to overcome it.


Saudi Arabia, which is considered a desert country, is rapidly moving forward to become a green country. 10 billion trees are being planted across the Kingdom through Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Saudi Green Initiative.

Saudi Arabia, which has immense wealth, has the biggest shortage of one thing, it is 'Mission Green' to overcome it.

Saudi Green Initiative

This year the Saudi Arabian government celebrated SGI (Saudi Green Initiative) Day on 27 March. From now on, SGI Day will be celebrated every year on 27 March in Saudi Arabia. On this date in 2021, the Saudi Green Initiative was launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Taking forward the dream of Green Saudi, on May 6, Saudi officials are going to inaugurate the National Afforestation Forum in Riyadh.

This program is being organized inside the National Center for Vegetation under the theme ‘Towards Green Future’. Let us tell you that the objective of the Saudi Green Initiative is to plant 1 million trees in the entire kingdom. The officials who started the National Afforestation Forum said that through this program the aim is to bring together people of different ages and professions. In which many professionals, environment activists, and common people will be included.

What is Saudi's green plan?

The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI), launched in 2021, is an ambitious national initiative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of which is to tackle climate change, improve the standard of living, and save the world for future generations. Apart from this, to make this plan a reality, many employment opportunities will be created by planting trees, making sandy land fertile, and creating new parks and water resources. Under this initiative, trees are being planted rapidly in the areas of the Iraq Border, Tabuk, Hail, Medina, Qasim, Riyadh, Mecca Eastern Provence, etc. of Saudi Arabia.

World's largest green initiative

The Saudi Green Initiative is one of the largest green initiatives in the world. Under this ambitious plan of MBS, the number of trees in the entire country is to be increased to 10 billion by 2030. The Saudi Green Initiative aims to address several environmental challenges including low rainfall, shrinking agricultural land, and deforestation below the global average.

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How green is Saudi?

According to information found on the website of the Saudi Green Initiative, the Kingdom is moving rapidly towards the goal. 2022 Along with planting 18 million trees in Saudi Arabia, 60 thousand hectares of land have been made cultivable and 62 places in the country have been selected for planting trees. In the very first year of SGI, 10 million trees were planted in 2021, which has increased by 8 million in just one year.